Create Scrim Snipes

Creating Your Own Scrim Snipes!

The Guilded Fortnite Scrims team hosts over 400 events each day to help facilitate Fortnite scrim snipes for players across console and PC, for NA West, East, and EU. But these scrims were scheduled using a simple set of tools all of you have access to. If you’re looking to organize your own scrim snipes, here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to do:
The first step is, of course, to give your event a really good name. Also, if you’re looking to create a recurring event, make sure you do so here. I’ve set this event to Every Day, but you can do these weekly or monthly or whatever you want.
Under the Advanced tab, make sure you go over a couple of the options here. Allow RSVPs is a must, as this will let members of your Discord server join the event and be notified appropriately.
You can also limit attendance to these events, so you’re not overbooking your matches. This one is set to automatically fill open slots, so if somebody drops out of the event, the next person in the queue will be added to the event.
You can also restrict the event by role. On this server, we assign all users a role that determines their platform and region, so they can only join events they can actually participate in. This is optional, but really comes in handy.
Under Notifications, we use the Override Channel Notification option because we don’t want these notifications to appear in the same place we have all our standard events. This is optional, but recommended.
We’ve also disabled the RSVP Notifications option here, since we don’t need or want to get a message every time somebody joins these events.
As for the Recurring Event Reminder option, we actually keep this one disabled on our server, but it may come in handy for yours. This just posts a reminder for the event 24 hours ahead of time, and allows you to garner more attendees in advance.
By turning on Event Countdown, you’ll generate a countdown timer that will be attached to the 30-minute and 2-minute event alerts. This is a synchronized timer that is used to coordinate the participants’ timing when hitting PLAY in-game.
It will look like this, and you’ll hear the last ten seconds count out, so you don’t need to worry about keeping this visible when getting ready.
You’ll also see the option to mention roles for this event. This is not used on our scrim snipes, as anybody who RSVPs to the event will be mentioned in the 30-minute and 2-minute alerts. However, this option is available to you if you wish to do so. You can also use the Mention Everyone option (if you like to live dangerously).
And that’s it! Give it a whirl and start organizing your own snipes!
Renegade Clan and Community Fortnite

Guilded Streams

Guilded can stream while you scrim!

Another popular feature request: a way to see your team’s Twitch streams. The new Guilded has an all-new Streams tab, which showcases the connected Twitch channels for your entire team, making it easy to see who’s live now. If you have a Twitch team, we’ll automatically populate your streams from your Twitch team link.


Battle Star Location


The mysterious latch is located in Wailing Woods and has been in Fortnite for many Seasons and we still do not know what it leads to! The giant rock lady is located on one of the hills around Wailing Woods.
The precarious flatbed is east of Wailing Woods, right on the edge of the map

Simply interact with the Battle Star to complete the challenge.

You should complete the match you are as any progress made in challenges could be lost if you leave.

Fortnite Snipes

Fortnite Snipes (Scrims)

Fortnite Scrim Snipes work by coordinating participants to synchronize their ready-up in an effort to be matched into the same round. It isn’t always 100% accurate, but following the steps below will greatly increase your chance of being matched into higher-quality matches than the standard matchmaking system.
1. Make sure you’re joining in your region and on your platform. If you haven’t already made your designations in #welcome , be sure to do so. Fortnite will automatically place you into the region that best serves you, but you can also manually set your region in-game if you are unsure, or want to attempt to participate in another region’s scrims.
2. React to matches you want to participate in. Scrims are held every hour, with notifications for upcoming matches posted 30 minutes prior. To participate in a scrim, react to these 30-minute reminders in order to be mentioned in the 2-minute warning. This warning will include your countdown timer which you will use to sync up with the rest of the participants.
3. Before the match starts, be sure to Load your match. To do this, select your game type (SOLO, DUOS, SQUADS) and hit Play, and then as soon as Loading content (100%) is reached, hit Cancel and stay in the matchmaking lobby. This will preload your content and speed up the process for the next time you hit Play in the current session. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of being grouped with the rest of the participants.

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Fortnite Renegade Clan

Guilded Scrims Rules

Scrims Rules for Creative

The Rules:

New: Fortnite scrims!
Thanks to Fortnite’s Creative Mode, private scrims are now available! Fortnite Scrims are Solo, Sqaud, Duo and Team Deathmatch – so get your squad together and jump into Creative Mode for some high-intensity custom matches!
Before you start
Before you begin, there’s just a few things to do:
  • Make sure everyone on your squad has access to Creative Mode
  • Make sure your party leader has created a complete battle-ready map on one of their Creative Mode Islands. If you don’t have one ready yet, just throw together something balanced and simple (we’ll have official maps as soon as Epic allows it!).
  • Make sure you have added the opposing team leader to your Friends list so that both teams can join their opponents’ Creative sessions.
Match rules
While some rules will be established between the party leaders prior to the beginning of the match, there’s a few that every most scrims should consider following:
  • Game mode: Team Deathmatch (Eliminations)
  • Best of 3
  • Map Rotation:
    • Map #1: Team A chooses a custom Island map
    • Map #2: Team B chooses a custom Island map
    • Map #3: (if needed) whichever team had more total eliminations (Maps #1 + Map #2) chooses a custom island map.
Additional rules, such as match length, weapon selection, and spawn type should be negotiated between party leaders before the event. While there are no rules for map layout and weapon placement, try to keep your map fair for both teams. Keep in mind that the ability to scrim on Custom islands is new, and these matches are for practice and for fun. Your team will be rated based on sportsmanship after the match.

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