Renegade Scrim Server

How to Scrim In the Renegade Scrims

They are basically exactly the same as all others but just in case heres the steps:
  1. You must begin by joining the Scrim Voice Chat Channel.
  2. Make sure the Team Leader Clicks Start on the game but cancels it before it hits 100%.
  3. Then you must paste the last 3 digits/numbers in the #Scrim-Codes Channel so it knows which Game/Server that you joined.
  4. The Scrim Manager will know how to setup the Scrim if its Solo,Duo, or Squad in the #Scrim-Brackets channel.

Here are some Pictures to help:

Renegade Scrims

Renegade Scrims

Renegade Scrims

After the game you must record your kills in the #Score-Submission Channel.

You will type  type .submit <mode> <kills> <placement> <gamecode> in the Screenshot Comment.

IMPORTANT! you must take a screenshot of the Scores and it will be evaluated by the BOT so you cant Cheat.

Happy Renegade Scrimming.
It comes with a Leaderboard and keeps track of all stats.

Feel free to help me with anything to help pay for the fees I put out for everything that I do for you. It is not required at all only appreciated.