FNPL Open Player League

FNPL Open Player League

The league is a biweekly series of games that sets out to determine the most skilled teams. Each league day there are 5 games held where various teams compete in matches against each other. Teams earn score to progress in the rankings.

The goal is to progress through Intermediate to reach the Champs Division where we cycle out talent to determine the best team overall. The top teams will have the chance to play within the FN Pro League Discord with other known pro organizations, such as Liquid, FaZe, TSM, and more.

Squad League
Ran on NA-E
1st – 2 points, 2nd – 1 point
You need at least 3 players from your dedicated roster to participate
Games must have 6 teams in order to be scored
Duo League
Ran on NA-E & EU
1st – 3 points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 1 point
You have to play alone on no-fill if your partner is not available
Games must have 12 teams in order to be scored
You must be in a registered team on Discord to submit your win
A VOD of the victory royale or placement is required for submission
Only one player from the team should submit your match ID and proof on Discord
Match fixing of any kind isn’t tolerated
Toxicity of any kind isn’t tolerated
League Divisions
There are three divisions to the player league: Open, Intermediate, and Champs. Pro is a seperate league.

Open – Every player starts here. At the end of every season, the top 25 are moved into the Intermediate Division.
Intermediate – Consists of 100 teams. The top 25 are moved into the Champs Division while the bottom 25 get moved into the Open Division.
Champs – Consists of 50 teams. The top 3 teams will be considered to move into Pro while the bottom 25 get moved into the Intermediate Division.
Pro – Ran on the FN Pro League Discord. This contains organizations such as FaZe, TSM, Liquid, Content Creators, and the most talented players.
League Schedule
Squad League: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Duo League: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Open Division – 7:00PM EST/BST
Intermediate Division – 7:10PM EST/BST
Champs Division – 7:20PM EST/BST
Ready to compete? Teams can join at any time, just be on the Discord on game days and wait in the “League Countdown” voice room.



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