Renegade Clan and Community adding Mobile and Switch

New Addition

We will adding Mobile/Switch Platforms

Since we are Striving to accommodate to the needs to all platforms, we were missing out on Switch/Mobile. It will not be our priority at the moment as our Competitive Scrim Teams Tier 3 and Tier 4 need to get prepared for our big eSports Tournament coming up in a couple months time. We will have a Scrim Team Leader who will handle the Mobile/Switch Side of things and he will be trained accordingly.

On another note, we are still looking for a community that better fits our Rules and Guidelines. We need our Older Members to really Step up and Set a Proper example for the New Recruits. It looks like we will be getting a new better wave of recruits as this wave not many are making the cut as very few even attempted to obey our required rule #1 along with posting an introduction on the forum yet even make an account. Those members will be removed accordingly as they violated our TOS that they agreed to obey when signing into the Clan on their trial period. Those members know who they are and you still have a chance to change it and obey our few rules we require. Not doing so immediately will unfortunately result in your removal from the Clan and you will be replaced by someone who can abide by the few easy tasks we ask our members to abide by in order to maintain a Clan with High expectations as we do.
Renegade Scrims Guilded

Creative Guilded Scrims

New: Fortnite scrims!
Thanks to Fortnite’s Creative Mode, private scrims are now available! Guilded’s Fortnite Scrims are 4v4 Team Deathmatch – so get your squad together and jump into Creative Mode for some high-intensity custom matches!
Before you start
Before you begin, there’s just a few things to do:
  • Make sure everyone on your squad has access to Creative Mode
  • Make sure your party leader has created a complete battle-ready map on one of their Creative Mode Islands. If you don’t have one ready yet, just throw together something balanced and simple (we’ll have official maps as soon as Epic allows it!).
  • Make sure you’ve added the opposing team leader to your Friends list so that both teams can join their opponents’ Creative sessions.
Match rules
While some rules will be established between the party leaders prior to the beginning of the match, there’s a few that every most scrims should consider following:
  • Game mode: Team Deathmatch (Eliminations)
  • Best of 3
  • Map Rotation:
    • Map #1: Team A chooses a custom Island map
    • Map #2: Team B chooses a custom Island map
    • Map #3: (if needed) whichever team had more total eliminations (Maps #1 + Map #2) chooses a custom island map.
Additional rules, such as match length, weapon selection, and spawn type should be negotiated between party leaders before the event. While there are no rules for map layout and weapon placement, try to keep your map fair for both teams. Keep in mind that the ability to scrim on Custom islands is new, and these matches are for practice and for fun. Your team will be rated based on sportsmanship after the match.

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