Renegade Clan and Community Fortnite

Verified Guilded Affiliate Team

North America Renegade Branch is Officially a Verified Guilded Scrim Affiliate Team

After Complications with my Email not being able to receive
Emails due to it being full and maxed out on Data use. After going through a few applications and deleting some Emails, I came across our Verification which all we must do is submit it and we will be an official Verified team with the Official badge.

What is Guilded?

Guilded helps online gaming teams recruit, improve, and compete. Guilded is available on iOS, Android, and as a ® ® webapp on mobile and desktop.

Notable features:

  •  Custom team application forms
  • Automated team-finder, allowing teams and players to ditch solo queue and
  • Recruiting ads for players and teams, play with a balanced team, every game with advanced game-specific filters
  • Private team discussion boards
  • Scrim finder, making it easier to find the right competition for teams
  • Fully-featured team event calendar
  • Tournaments
  • Team docs for long-form collaborative • content (strategies, team rules, etc.)
  • Team media albums, with support for third-party integration (Twitch®, You- Tube®, etc.) •
  • Integrated 1:1 team, channel, and voice chat
  • Discord® bot and server integration •

Team analytics portal, providing in- sights and highlighting opportunities for improvement.




How much does Guilded cost? Guilded is free of charge on iOS, Android, and web. Which games are most popular? Guilded’s top games are currently, Fortnite®, Overwatch®, World of Warcraft®, CS:GO®, and Final Fantasy FFXIV®. Which platforms does Guilded support? Guilded supports online multiplayer games on PC, Xbox 360®, Xbox One®, PS3®, PS4®, Nintendo Switch®, iPhone®, Android®, and Wii U®.

Our Team has been undefeated from the beginning in Guilded and we are placed on the top 3 Teams on the leaderboard. I will get with the Scrim Team Managers and see if we can schedule more of these for us to play. It is a create way to practice. The best part is you can even create your own custom map to play in Creative. So go make a map we can Scrim on for Ranks. The best Creative Map will be featured on our Website and we will use it to Scrim on for the weekends.



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